I believe in swinging for the fences

Kevin - Loveland, Ohio
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in swinging for the fences. My experience with this is both literal and metaphorical. I play baseball, so I have actually swung for the fences many times. When I hit the ball just right, my team usually scores. I’ve found that there is a chance of hitting a sacrifice fly ball if I don’t focus on my goal. Sacrifices are not all bad though, because they can put a player in scoring position. The feeling of hitting a ball deep into the outfield outshines the feeling of occasionally getting thrown out, especially when there is a runner at third base ready to score.

My belief can be applied to life as well. When I get the opportunity to make something happen, I believe I should go for it all even if there is the risk of failure. If I don’t take some risks to achieve what I want, it will never happen. My personal experience has reinforced my belief. I like to challenge myself to achieve greatness even if it means the occasional embarrassment. Most of my experience with going all-out is in academics, more specifically math. Before entering high school, I was given the opportunity to take two math classes at the same time. I thought about my decision for a long time because I knew it would greatly impact my life. I realized that while I would get ahead in the curriculum and open up new doors in the future, I also would have to give extra time and effort. In the end, I decided that the opportunities following freshman year would outshine the sacrificed free time. I have also chosen to take the AMC and go to math competitions because I know I can succeed. I have sacrificed many Saturday mornings to attend a math competition before, but I keep competing because I have been part of the team that went to the state-wide level.

Consider the alternative, I could try to hit the ball as far as I can, or I could settle for hitting groundballs every at-bat. Life would be a lot less interesting if it were filled with boring groundballs when there was an opportunity to do something great. I would be disappointed with myself now if I had not made the decision to step up to the plate in freshman year. Looking back, I believe that I made the right choice. I believe that a mix of success with some sacrifices is much more appealing than monotonously settling for an average effort. I believe in swinging for every fence that presents itself.