I Believe in I-Pods

Jordan - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in I-Pods

I believe that an I-Pod is a portal into one’s life. I believe that an I-Pod not only contains music but also an identity. I believe that on my I-Pod there is a song for almost every moment of my existence.

My first I-Pod was a small, blue ‘mini’. I used it often and always updated it with my latest selection of music. My I-pod introduced me to the rap artists ‘Eminem’ and ’50-Cent’. Eventually even my father began to listen to my I-pod during his free time. Through the years my I-Pod transformed from a basic instrument of my pleasure to a complex masterpiece with not only songs but pictures, videos, and 80 ‘gigs’ of my life.

My revelation about the I-Pod occurred when I first brought my speakers to summer camp. I was inspired by the way that people were drawn to them. Sam, one of my friends in my cabin, had the most songs on an I-Pod that I had ever seen, 8364 to be exact. He showed me his I-pod and I never forgot the number that appeared on the screen. He plugged his I-Pod into my speakers and turned up the volume. I had never heard so many weird and downright scary songs. For some odd reason I liked it. I heard ‘Clocks’ for the first time, which soon became a cabin favorite. Despite a strong dislike for rock music at the time I could sing, dance and ‘Mosh’ to ‘Headstrong’. His music described his personality down to the bone. The I-Pod soon became our source of music for every free moment of the day.

Through my experiences at camp, I found that the I-Pod showed me many different sides of my friends. The differences among the I-Pods in the cabin were vast, but the music played by them was enjoyed by everyone. I found myself choosing from a plethora of I-Pods to plug into my speakers. I understood that like a group of I-Pods, our personalities were different, but we came together as one and enjoyed being in each other’s presence.

My I-pod experience has shown me how to see beyond the exterior of a person. For some reason an entire cabin of boys, none of whom all liked a single genre of music as a group, learned all of the words to ‘Beautiful Girls’. I was one of those boys. I return to camp every summer, bringing speakers and my newly updated I-Pod. Though I am separated from technology and the real world at camp, I discover more songs than I could have found by sitting alone in front of a computer at home. I believe that the simplicity of an I-Pod can show the complexity of a person and is the window to ones soul.