The Ying to my Yang

Amanda - Kansas City, Kansas
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

If I had to describe my best friend, Dakota, in one word it would be loud, very loud. If I were asked to describe myself in one word it would be quiet. She might be loud, but she’s still my best friend and nothing could change that.

I believe opposites attract because my best friend and I are total opposites. We met each other when we were about five, maybe younger. Our parents are best friends and were best friends when they were in school, so I guess it only makes sense for us to be friends. We played softball together every summer until we were 10 or 12. We didn’t talk for years after we stopped playing ball together because she went to a school in a different school district. When I got to my sophomore year in high school I never thought I would see her again, then I found out that she had to transfer to Schlagle because of some problems she was having at her school. This is also another way that shows how we are total opposites; she gets into trouble a lot, whereas I tend to stay away from anything that can get me into trouble. For example, this year she isn’t going to graduate because she doesn’t come to school and when she does she doesn’t do her work. I on the other hand come to school almost everyday and do my work, whether I agree with the teacher or not I know I have to suck it up and get the work done or else I’ll fail the class.

Other people in my life have helped shape this belief, but the one person who has shaped it the most is my best friend Dakota. Dakota and I are total opposites but we still found a way to become friends despite our differences. Dakota is wild, crazy and loud whereas I’m shy, quiet, and I keep to myself, we complement each other. When we hang out together outside of school she brings out my loud and crazy side, which I’ve learned to keep under control when I’m at school. Since she came to Schlagle I think I’ve calmed her down a lot, not all the way but some. If Dakota wasn’t in my life things probably wouldn’t be that fun; without her high school would have been just another four year.

I remember in English class sophomore year, my teacher sat her on the other side of the room and she was so loud. I sat up at the front of the room and was real quiet. Our teacher, Mrs. Young decided she was going to make up a new seating chart, so she sat Dakota next to me, because she thought I would get her to do her work.

Even thought Dakota is my best friend, and nothing wil ever change that. She has helped me in many ways in my decision on what I don’t want to be like. I’m happy being the only girl in class that has her work done, or the only student that has the work turned in on time. She shows me what its like if I wasn’t that girl, and that’s something I don’t want to be. Even though she messes up a lot I’m glad she does because it shows me what not to do.

I will always believe that opposites attract because my best friend is living proof of that belief. Whether we stay friends or not will not affect this belief because my family has also shaped this belief and they will never change or leave. I hope that I continue to become friends with people that are totally different then me because they make life so much more interesting and fun.