Touching the lives of others

Danielle - Des Plaines, Illinois
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


Touching the Lives of Others

I believe in helping other people.

On August 23, 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I saw images of hurricane Katrina on the television and the internet. Even though I didn’t know any of the victims I felt bad for the people because the victims lost everything they had. I felt obligated to do something for them. I know what it is like to lose a friend or a death of the family.

I found out that Chicago Bulls guard Chris Duhon hometown was destroyed. I donated items to his foundation he established which was the stand Tall Foundation because I believed that I needed to help out. I collected items such as clothing toothpaste, shoes, socks, and more. I wasn’t the only one who helped out. If others didn’t help make contributions I would’ve been able to make a difference.

I was able to meet Chris’s family at his privet apartment for dinner. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to come because he was at a Bull’s Charity. I was able to meet Chris Duhon after a Bull’s game.

I can relate to this story even though I didn’t lose anything that I had. I lost a friend before the beginning of my freshman year of high school. It affected my life because I was in shock that my friend wasn’t alive and that I couldn’t see him or talk to him. I felt kind of depressed for a long time. I eventually got over the loss. I wasn’t prepared to lose Harry. Not many people were prepared for a category four hurricane like Katrina like my friend getting in a car accident.

I think that I made a difference in the life of the victims of hurricane Katrina. I still remember hurricane Katrina’s affect. I still have pictures that I saw in the aftermath of Katrina. One of pictures I have shows a taxi almost completely underwater and a baby getting help from one of the rescue workers. I think that the survivors will remember that disaster for a long time and hope that they can move on with there life like I did with Harry.

I believe in helping others regardless if it is a hurricane or doing something for someone. I believe that there is a time to help a person and when to not help a person. I think there is a time to help and not to. I feel good about my contribution to the victims of hurricane Katrina and to the world.