Take The First Chance You Get

Margaret - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that you should take chances in life. I believe in going with your gut instinct no matter what doubts you may have. Usually your first thought or feeling is the right one because it is your subconscious intuition talking to you.

I have led a life of taking chances; some people may call them risks. I have taken some chances by befriending or dating people that are different from me. One time I dated a guy who was completely different from me in every way, but I took a chance with him because of my gut feeling. When we dated I had some of the best times of my life. Although it did not last, I came out of that relationship after learning many new things in life and without any regrets. I learned that the people who take chances lead exciting lives and never know what to expect. When I take a chance I have adrenaline pumping as I wait for an outcome, whether negative or positive.

I take chances because I have no fear of what will come next. A person who doesn’t take chances usually has a set path in life and is too scared to step out of the box. However, it’s not their fault; some people were just raised that way and may never lead that exciting life of taking chances. Their values and customs outweigh any feeling they may have in their gut. Sometimes I feel like that is how my family tried to raise me, but then again, my father is a huge risk taker. Even though he is only a financial advisor, he puts his money and his client’s money in jeopardy everyday as he makes the decision where to invest. His philosophy is that he would rather lose a little than not take the chance to win a lot. If you never take that chance then you will never know what could have happened. I am not scared of the consequences because just knowing that I possess that desire to take risks makes me feel as if I have accomplished something huge.

Taking chances is the best freedom in life that you could ever ask for. When you don’t take a chance in something you are either truly passionate about or completely uneasy about, you won’t ever excel in life. You do not always get the second chance that you may want, so take that chance the first time you get.