Life is Passion

Aaron - chesapeake, Virginia
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in passion. Mr. Webster’s dictionary defines passion as: a strong feeling

or emotion, love. Passion has the ability to mold any one into the person they want to be.

It indulges a person in enjoyment, gives the drive, and allows them to connect in

relationships. Passion makes the world go around.

Passion indulges a person in enjoyment. Every person has that one task, sport, or

thing that they love to do more than anything else in the world. What makes them feel so

much for that one thing its their passion they have for it. It delivers the

enjoyment knowing that they have just won a game or nailed the sickest trick. If you ask

any pro athlete what makes them so successful at the sport they play they will tell a

person its their passion for the game. The same feeling a person has for enjoyment is the

same passion that drives an individual to success.

For me my passion is business. I love the challenges and risk involved in the daily

life of business. Life is similar to business because a person takes a risk every day and

experiences challenges and obstacles even if they are unaware. With out the passion

people would not succeed in the work place. No one would climb the corporate ladder

and no one would want to advance. Charles Barker, a successful car dealer, once said “we

are given the opportunity to succeed every day it is the passionate ones who take

advantage of the opportunity”. And that is very true, as he started out as a sales person in

the 1970’s and now is the owner of eight award winning Toyota, Lexus, and Infiniti


Lastly, passion gives that unique connection in a relationship rather it be a best

friend or a partner. The reason people interact with each other is a result of the

connection they have between them. The feeling that a man has for a woman is the result

of the love and connection he has for her. Thus resulting in marriage, one of the

largest public displays of passion one person can show towards another.

What happens if we ultimately have no passion? People settle for simplicity and

normality. Not implying that it is wrong to do those types of things however it is because

they did not feel passionate enough to accomplish what they wanted. Passion can make or

break a person. As Thomas Edison ounce said “If you love what you do, you will never

work a day in your life”. That’s the type of passion that moves people that affects the

others around you to assist them in becoming passionate. If we all became a little more

passionate about our lives and looked towards the future with what we can achieve and

not necessary worry about the “how”, that feeling will drive a person to their goal. Life is

passion: Be passionate and live passionately.