This I believe!

Dena - Summerville, South Carolina
Entered on April 27, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I Can Make A Difference!

I am a grandmother with 63 years of life lessons that I can share with my grandchildren. I can give them my wisdom and my love gained from living a long, productive life. This is very valuable information indeed. With my gift, I can help shape their lives, and yes, I can even inspire them to meet their goals and dreams just as I have.

Let me illustrate. I have learned that there are three words that should guide them. The first of these is Truth. Know the truth, and with truth, valid decisions can be made. With truth comes trust. Those who know they can trust you to tell the truth will be your real friends. Truth and trust will never follow paths that lead to deliberate wrong doing.

The second word is Integrity. Earnest values and conviction enrich integrity and provide a strong base upon which to build a happy and rewarding life. Sticking to your belief system will hold up under even the greatest pressures to do otherwise. It shows brightly under the broad term of “doing the right thing.” Having integrity makes you a person who can be trusted.

The third word is Morality. I should say that learning morality happens mostly as children and young adults. When one is carefree and unwilling to conform, morality gets stretched beyond bounds in many directions. Unfortunately, if the choices made are immoral, even if the wrong is recognized later and there is a heartfelt vow to never do the immoral act again, you will live with the knowledge of your actions the rest of your life.

Now these 3 words are related and could almost be interchangeable in certain settings, but with a strong foundation based on what these words represent, my grandchildren can learn to make the right decisions.

Decisions are functions played out in our thoughts, words, and deeds. I want to teach my grandchildren how to make good decisions by honoring the following values:

1. Tell the truth!

2. Consider the outcome of actions.

3. Know the difference between right and wrong and do the right thing always.

4. Spend the life you are given learning as much as you can.

5. Share your knowledge with others.

6. Vote! Then you will have the right to praise or complain about your leaders.

7. Love and care for your spouse and your children with an open heart.

8. Live a healthy, fit life and your body can repay you in your golden years.

9. Save money.

10. Help others who deserve it. Get involved.

These ten values are interlinked falling under the larger umbrella of Truth, Integrity, and Morality. These are absolutes, guiding and enriching life not only for the person taking the journey, but everyone encountered along the path as well.

My grandchildren will learn these life lessons and values from the actions and examples I share with them. I can make a difference.