Claire - San Jose, California
Entered on April 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

This is what I believe. This here is what I believe. I believe in the power to write. I believe in the inner voice that shouts above crowds and crying babies. Above cars and cranes, above booms and bangs and aeroplanes. This is what I believe.

All my life I have been able to voice an opinion. Swords, daggers, guns, tanks and barrels have never barred down my path to stop me. In our world, some do not have this right. In other countries, a woman cannot show her face, she cannot speak unless spoken to, and her words are never really heard. I see this on t.v.. This is what I see in war. Our war, though far away, has shown me things. Our war has thrown at us the lives of others. It has made us want to give back and take a stand. All I see here are more hot dog stands. I believe some of us take advantage of our rights. I see women in masks and blankets, I see women in marching boots, and then I see women in thigh high skirts and tramp stamps. These contrasts have burned questions through my mind. Questions that have made me wonder if these things are why I have my rights, or if they contradict my rights completly. What I see makes me want to use my voice and shout above this travesty. That is what I believe in, the voice that gives me power. This is because I too am a woman, and I have been given rights that some would never dream of. My voice rings and because I can say this is what I believe, I will say “This is what I believe.”