Life is what you make it

Jennifer - Olyphant, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that life is a blank canvas. Throughout our lives we paint a picture that depicts who we are. Through our accomplishments, failures, and regrets we become stronger. We find out who our true friends are.

Her name was Sarah. We were best friends for five years. But when we got to high school things changed. I had a boyfriend, she didn’t. She seemed so perfect, while I felt flawed. We became jealous of each other but never said a word for fear that it would start a fight. One day I was invited to a party; she wasn’t. I felt horrible for going without her, but I just so wanted to fit in. Now, in a way, I regret ever going. That party ruined our friendship. Even though Sarah did not attend the party, the girls ridiculed her. In the craziness of the party, they dared me to prank phone call her. I did and said some nasty things to her and ridiculed her just like the other girls. After I called her, I felt as though I fit in much more, but I also felt guilty. The next day I tried to talk to her at school, but she completely shunned me. I knew the reason why. She knew it was me who called; my number was not blocked. The girls at that party had set me up to get caught. They were not the true friends I thought them to be. Sarah and I haven’t spoken since. In a way she wasn’t even a true friend. If she were, I think that she would have forgiven me for my mistake; that’s what friends do. That night, the night of the party, I wasn’t thinking about her feelings. I learned my lesson: never to let anyone convince me to do something that I know is not right. Friends come and go. My experience made me realize who my true friends are and it made me ten times stronger throughout my life. Sarah painted her canvas with all of life’s dull colors and without the love and support of true friends. I painted mine with the elaborate colors of life, some of them harsh, and have since surrounded myself with people who truly care.