Positivity: The Key to Happiness

Tyler - Irvine, California
Entered on April 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in positivity.

Of any life that God has given someone, the dullest seems to belong to my dog Mikey. His daily routine is more predictable than a train schedule. It begins at 6 A.M when he trudges to the same park every day. He returns for his usual dried kernel breakfast in his blue plastic bowl. Then it’s time for his all day nap while everyone he knows seems to disappear and leave him alone. When nap time is done, it’s time for Mikey to go greet whichever family member returns home first. To end the day, Mikey eats dinner and curls up on the tile floor to sleep, only to wake up again and have the same day as before. Yet, when you look at this mysterious creature, there seems to always be something in him that strikes happiness in everyone.

For most of my years with Mikey I could not for the life of me figure out why he brought such great happiness to everyone. It wasn’t until I was a high school senior when I realized why he did so. It wasn’t just because of how cute he was, although everyone commented about how adorable Mikey is. No, it was his sheer optimism on life and living what he could to the fullest. No matter how boring Mikey’s life was, he was always happy and that happiness was very contagious and would spread like the sun’s rays in the early morning. I had figured out finally how Mikey’s happiness would help others, but one more question remained to me. How on earth was Mikey always happy?

My family was going on a trip to the desert and Mikey was about to be shut in our van for three hours of looking at the grey door. This wasn’t the first time he had done this so Mikey knew exactly what he was about to do. Yet, he wasn’t trying to run away. At this time I was only about 16, but by then I was pretty certain no dog would be looking forward to staring at a grey door for three hours and not be able to do anything else. Then I realized it wasn’t the fact of staring at the door for three hours that made him happy. It also wasn’t the fact that his life was about as dull as reading a dictionary that made him happy. It was the fact that in that van he would be surrounded for three hours by the ones he loves most. Being surrounded by the ones he loves most was the light to Mikey’s life.

I believe in positivity. I believe that in every dark situation in life there is still a small candle burning somewhere. I believe that by us grabbing and holding onto that light we can become happier and more enthused individuals. I believe this happiness instilled in us will rub off on others and brighten up everyone’s day. I believe in living my life filled with the same happiness and energy as my dog Mikey. Lastly, I believe the world we live in today can become a happier place if we all try to hold onto our light.