Dreams and the journey there

Jordan - Apple Creek, Ohio
Entered on April 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports, work

“When I was young, I never wanted to leave the court until I got things exactly correct. My dream was to become a pro, and that happened.”— Larry Bird

Dreams and the Journey there

I believe people can achieve a dream if they strive for it. I dream that one day I can go to the NBA, but this year before the freshman basketball season I had a dream to get better, become a starter, and to lead my freshman teammates pass the first round of tournaments. All fall I worked on basketball, willing, and determined. It came around basketball season, and we started off 1-2. Then we had six away games in a row. I started these six games, and we started winning. We had a winning momentum through this stretch, and I had a game winning shot. This is what happened: down by one point, and having possession of the ball our coach called a desperation timeout. He says “timeout. “the referee responds “full, or thirty seconds.” Coach exclaims “Full.” He then gets his board, and looks at us, and says “We are going to run bulldog.” The other four players had no faith left, but I did with five seconds left. Grant our point guard set a screen for Carthy are center. He flashed to the block, and Tyler a forward passed him the ball. Carthy puts up a shot. It is a brick, but I go for the put back, and put us up by one. Everybody is cheering wildly, and jumping on me. That is one of the six games in a row we won. This fired everyone up, and gave us confidence that we could win. So at the end of the season we ended up 9-7, and got third place in the regular season. The first round of tournaments we played 6th place Chippewa, and won. Next we had 2nd place Dalton in the semi finals, but it was a heart breaking loss 44-42 Dalton won, and they went on to win the championship, beating 4th place Smithville.

Our teams much improved season finally ended. On this journey we learned lessons on life. We learned to bond together, work together, and believe we could win like I believe I can go to the NBA. This belief has a universal meaning because it means the majority of the people on the globe share the same opinion, or belief. Even professional athletes have agreed with this belief such as Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Larry Bird, and Gilbert Arenas.

This is a little on Arenas’ dreams, and accomplishments. His dream was always to go to the NBA. Well he got there, but he sat the bench. He talked about how he was a zero because he was a bench player. His goal, and dream now is just to prove his teammates, fans, and the coach for the wizards wrong, and start. Well it speaks for itself he has a commercial about the story. He now starts for the Washington Wizards, and is number zero. See these professionals agree with this, but even people with other professions agree with this such as doctors, artists, or musicians. I still believe this is true I did, these professionals did, and average people have. This is why I believe people can achieve a dream if they strive for it.