Doug - Apple Creek, Ohio
Entered on April 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Doug H

“When we are capable of living in the moment free from the tyranny of ‘shoulds,’ free from the nagging sensation that this moment is not right, we will have peaceful hearts.” – Joan Borysenko

I believe that the more firepower, the more fun. That can really mean two different things, with the same idea. It varies from the literal meaning to the deeper meaning.

The literal meaning is what it says, the more firepower the more fun. Most people can be relaxed and enjoy them selves shooting fireworks, shooting guns, and blowing anything up. When I pull a firework out, I know that it is going to be a good time. I take it outside and find out where I am going shoot it. Once I get there I pull out a lighter and the real fun begins. I light the fuse and throw the firework as far as I can. BANG! POP! SNAP! KAPOW! BOOM! That rush of adrenaline I get is amazing. Knowing that I had all that power under control is also a great feeling. Then the silence cuts back in, if I do not have an angry neighbor that is. All of the sudden everything is amazing, then it is done. Everything ends at some point, like it or not. That is what the deeper meaning is.

Things always end at some point. I do not know when, and I never exactly will. People need to do things over the top to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Things could end the next day so I should want to go out with a bang. Things are more fun when they go out with a bang, because I know they enjoyed themselves. When people die, they can either die laying in a bed or robbing a bank. Personally I would rather die robbing a bank (not like I would) and go out with people saying, “Hey he was crazy, but he looked like he enjoyed himself”. That is why everyone should make everyday their own little firecracker, so if tomorrow never comes then at least people know they had fun.