Zachary - Charlotte, Iowa
Entered on April 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, legacy

This I believe, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the tools my father taught me to utilize. Since I was a very small child I was surrounded by tools, not just plastic tools. So what was I to do with these tools that my father had given to me for birthdays and Christmas? Well, I would take things apart to, “make them better,” but usually the putting back together didn’t make them better, or completely destroyed, the toy cars, airplanes, candy makers, or anything else that stopped working, I took apart. I had to learn how to put things back together if I was to be taking them apart, or I would be getting in trouble for taking things apart and breaking them.

Then, I got older and I learned how to put more complex things together like laptop computers, and vehicles, I took apart, and put back together. I was getting bigger and more powerful tools to use. Which was fun but also a lot of hard work. As long as I read the owners manual, and used every safety precaution there was for the tool. I was allowed to use it. My father loved to see me use the tools like; drills, miter saws, table saws and many others, while my mother on the other hand feared that I would cut an appendage off while I was using the table saw, or get my hand stuck in a planer, or injure myself using any other power tools that even she wouldn’t even think of using.

As a result, many of the things I learned as a young child help me now when I am working construction for my father. I use the tools that my father showed me how to use at my young age. Often with more precautions than the other workers that was using the tools. My father tried to teach me how to use every tool he had, and if he wasn’t very good at using some sort of tool he would send me to someone else who could.

For this reason my father had me work for a masonry company, one summer, to learn about the trade and the tools involved in it. In that trade I learned how to use many other tools that I never would have thought of using at my age. I also learned a lot about the hard work that many people have to do everyday.

In conclusion, my father taught me many things and pushed me to learn new things and experiment with what I have got. So, who else would I be if my father never pushed me into using tools? I don’t know, but I am happy that he did. For, when ever I get stuck in my life I will be able to turn to the tools, to make something that would take my mind off the complex world and into something simple that I could make.