Believe in Responsibilty

Kelsey - Charlotte, Iowa
Entered on April 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe in responsibility. Growing up I’ve always had a job. I earn my own money to buy things I want. Of course my parents pay for things I really need, but not things I want. I think it is great that I have a job and pay for some of my bills, like my cell phone. This way I am learning responsibility for my actions. If I choose not to go to work I will not get paid, my cell phone would be turned off, there would be no gas in my car and I will have to ride the bus. I think all parents should have their kids work before they get out of high school and make them pay for some things, so their kids learn the value of a dollar.

I also believe in the responsibility of adults. If I would choose to move out of my parent’s house I would make sure I could make it on my own. If I ever got on welfare I would do everything to get off it. As a teenager who works, I get money taken out of my check for taxes and social security, but some of that money goes to people on welfare. I think the government should look more into people that are on welfare. I could get on welfare and pretend like I’m getting a job, but then as soon as welfare people aren’t looking into it anymore, just stop looking for a job. Or, I could have kids and the only reason to have them is for child support and the checks I would get for their tax returns.

If I received an application credit card in the mail telling me I could sign up and pay no interest for a year. But then I would think I could put all the things I buy on the credit card and then file for bankruptcy, like other adults in the world do.

I may sound angry but when those kinds of adults do not show responsibility to those kids their having. In the long run these people are wasting my hard earned dollar. The government should monitor these people more closely. I am tried of giving someone my money that I earned and work hard for, just so they do not have to work.

Teenagers should work so they learn responsibility. That should not be a goal in life to not work and receive hard working peoples’ money. Be responsible for your actions and do the best you can in life. In the long run it’s not only wasting my dollar but it is wasting your dollar and anyone else’s dollar who works hard for it. This is why our economy will eventually be worse than what it is. Other people will get tired of working themselves to the bone for other people and start doing the same thing. It is everyone job to try and stop this before it gets too far.