matthew - cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on April 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Blood dripped from my knees and sweat from my brow, my calves cramped and my hamstrings tightened, my body was deteriorating right in front of my eyes but I got back up not by my physical strength, but by my mental drive, my drive to compete. Competition is everywhere. It could be a competition of athletics, school, and work. I believe competition is a part of every aspect of life. No matter what I do, I compete for my right to be where I am.

The first two things that come to my mind when I hear the word competition, are sports and soccer. I remember my first select soccer tryouts like it was yesterday. I had played soccer when I was six but now I was in third grade and the kids looked like they had picked up a few moves here and there since I had be out of the sport. I felt intimidated and a little scared because I did not want to be embarrassed in front of all my future teammates. Even though the other players had better passing skills and more accurate shots I kept on competing. I hustled and scrapped for every ball that came my way and gave it everything I had. I wanted to make it on this team especially because all my friends were on the squad. I tried my hardest and that is all it took. My friend Alex was afraid to go out and compete and that was his one mistake. If I was scared of competition then I would have never gone anywhere in soccer.

Competition is what makes sports difficult. There will always be someone out there that can throw a tighter spiral or shoot threes like it is nothing and that is why everyone gets better. Athletes set the bar high so that other athletes must set it even higher. The competitiveness of sports is what makes them constantly change and keeps them exciting and fresh. Fifty years ago I guarantee that the running backs in the NFL ran nowhere near the speed that running backs run today. In sports there is always someone better at something but that is why everyone learns from each other and grows from competing against one another. I believe in competition because if human beings were not naturally competitive then sports would never be where they are today. Sports are America’s number one form of entertainment and we have competition to thank for that.

Besides sports, competition is extremely relative in the school environment. I have been competing in school since I was ten. Even as young child I remember there being certain honors classes only qualified students could take. In elementary school it was not so serious but their importance became clearer as I matured. In middle school my instructors would constantly preach that colleges would be looking at my middle school grades. When I became a high school student there were a lot more classes that only certain students could take. Particular classes required prerequisites such as prior classes, good grades, and even recommendations by teachers. It was every student for themselves and some students were able to enhance their education by taking more advanced classes and working harder. I competed in high school in order to get accepted by an excellent college. The more intelligent and involved you are, the better your chances are to get into the college of your dreams.

Competition is now crucial because I am trying to receive a degree for a future job. Some kids cannot handle the competition and drop out after less than a year but for the kids who stick through the good and the bad, a better job, and life, awaits them. Certain degrees are harder than others because of the simple fact that certain jobs are harder than others and the schooling follows that pattern. If a student is unable to pass certain classes like chemistry and biology they may reconsider their choice of competition and switch their major to business. Although getting a business degree may be easier then getting a degree in medicine, it is much harder finding a job in business then finding a hospital in need of a doctor. It all depends on the person and what they like. In order to be successful I must compete with others and if I do not find my job satisfying then I better find something else that interests me because the only thing harder than competing is competing in something that is not enjoyable.

Competition in the work environment is very important especially to the success of the economy because the more competition the more likely companies will become more efficient. When one company grows it forces others to do the same or else they will just go out of business. I believe that the success of America as a whole can be attributed to the fact that the people in our country are so competitive with each other it makes us that much better at our jobs compared to everyone else. I believe in competition between Pepsi and Coke, Dell and Mac, and Nike and Adidas. These are just a few companies and although I do not think they would admit it if you asked them, I think they owe some of their success to their rivals. I believe in competing companies all over America.

I believe in competition because opposition makes everyone better. When one person becomes great other people become greater. Competition is about one person or team being better at a certain thing than another person or team and it forces everyone to constantly raise the bar of success. If the bar is consistently being raised then everything and everyone is growing. I believe in competition for many reasons, it keeps sports exciting, new, and fresh, it makes schooling more efficient, and applying for a job challenging. Man has been competing since the beginning of time, ever since the caveman fended off other cavemen from taking his kill. I believe competition is the most innate form of human survival and stands strong still today.