The biggest debt

Michael - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My belief is somewhat common and many people share this belief. I believe that nature is a being that deserves more respect than we have been giving it. I believe that there are many people in this world who truly do not care about the planet. Many people have an ignorance about the planet where they believe that the world is here to serve us. Personally I believe there is an natural balance that we must keep with the planet. It is known that our world provides us with food, shelter, oxygen, and everything we need to survive, but what many don’t realize is that if a company doesn’t pay its supplier the supplies stop coming.

I believe this planet has much more to offer if we just give back a little bit. The nature advocate in me tells me that we need to give everything to the planet but the humanitarian in me tells me that we need to thrive as a human race as well and the only way to accomplish that is to take care of what is taking care of us. We need to pay back our debt to our supplier. Through research I have found out about the change happening all over the world. Research shows that temperatures all over the world are increasing and animals are going extinct everyday. Because humans have neglected our planet, our planet has begun to reposes its land and take back everything by force. There could be a cure for cancer or Aids sitting out in the forest growing smaller and smaller and our polluted air might be strangling it. I believe the time is now to stop polluting and start working off our debt. Who knows, we could see the blossom of a beautiful earth and add thousands of years to the life span of the human race.