A Butterfly Odyssey

Mark - San Jose, California
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A Butterfly Odyssey

In my 17 years and 10 months of living, I have experienced many things. These experiences have been my foundation for who I am today. I believe that some of the smallest decisions we make can have the biggest impact in our lives.

Looking back at the friends I had in elementary school that went to different middle schools as I did, I notice how different they are from me and realize that could have been me if I had simply made the decision to go to the same middle school as them. Some of them have gone down paths I would rather not go down. Some of them have gotten into drugs and stuff. I wonder if I had followed them to their middle school that I would have gone down that same path. I believe I unknowingly chose a different lifestyle by going to the middle school that I did. It is amazing to me how such a small choice such as choosing a school can effect who you are. If I had gone to a different school I would hang out with completely different people and probably totally see things differently.

My sophomore year I started hanging out with a different group of people. My other friends were getting into drugs. The true reason I started hanging around this new group of friends is because I simply made the decision to stop at Jack in the Box for a meal. It started with me and my friend Kevin and my other friend Frankie, we were at a pool hall within walking distance from our house. On our way back I wanted to get Jack in the Box but they didn’t, so I got my food and they went on ahead without me. On my

way home I encountered a couple other people who had stopped and stared at me from across the street. I was a bit worried they were going to mug me until they started to call my name. Fortunately it was a couple of my classmates Jessie James and Ramin. We said “wuddup” to each other and stuff and they were heading to longs to get candy and invited me to tag along with them. Since then I’ve been hanging out with Jessie and Ramin ever since and have met many other amazing people through them. It is my belief that if I hadn’t chosen to go to Jack in the box that night I wouldn’t be hanging out with Jessie and friends.

This concept not only applies to choosing what school to attend but also to jobs and many other things in life. These things have sort of a domino effect and escalate to where you may meet different people and other experiences that will shape who you are. I think it is important to think about every decision to make carefully before acting on them. For better or for worse you could change the rest of your life with a simple yes or a simple no.