the equilibrium of dreams

Maya - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that dreams are our own parallel universes. I believe that they are more than cerebral scraps of your everyday life; not simply collections of conversations you heard and people you know, things you’ve seen before. This is because dreams have shown me more than the ordinary residue of the day. In sleep I have traveled far corners of the world, I have seen myself ten years ago, I have seen the family I once knew in life, now deceased. Somehow, in my dreams I always manage to finish what I have started and everything falls suddenly into place…the catharsis being that I have completed my task for that particular evening. I have held the world in my hands as well as bore it on my shoulders. Once, I touched a black, endless cosmos with my fingertips and knew that I could open my palms and have all of it in wakefulness if I really wanted to. But that is the paradox, isn’t it? Conjuring up that memory of last night’s dream is tremendously difficult, but once remembered, it can explain everything you never knew you knew about yourself.

The dream deferred suddenly takes on vivid new meaning. Because while Dream You is defeating its various iniquities, solving your calculus homework, or speaking with your friend that died in October, Real You is quietly accepting life without ever really living it.

These parallel universes remind us of two things – the first being: life is happy and fleeting, the second: you are capable of much more than Real You thinks you are.