Gross Showers and Wild Animals Aren’t Such a Bad Thing

Sarah - Darien, Illinois
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

Trying new things, from sleeping in the wilderness to eating a foreign food, can actually be good for you. Maybe you’ll be lucky and find something new to enjoy, or maybe you’ll have learned something about yourself along the way. However, it’s not so much that everyone will love camp, but rather that no one will know until he or she tries.

It may be something as simple as sushi. A bite of something new, something exotic, something with potential, despite the unappetizing first glance. Most people think that raw fish wrapped in seaweed is disgusting, but I even enjoy some vegetarian sushi once in a while. I was introduced by a friend, whose mother even complimented me on how open and willing I was to try it. I do believe that just about anyone can benefit from trying something new, like sushi, or even camp.

Camp is one of those things that may or may not seem appealing. It can scare off or worry kids, but it can also be a life-changing experience.

Almost all of my friends went to Camp Pinewood during elementary school, but not me. I always heard stories and knew the kids, but I was never compelled enough to try it myself the next summer.

I passed my sweet sixteen, and still had never been to camp. That’s exactly why I took the chance that summer to go to California and be a camp counselor, even though I did go with some family.

Turns out, I didn’t like camp, but I can never again let down my head and say that I’ve never been to one. I can even go farther and say that I was a counselor for five great kids, four brats, and one “space cadet”. Even more, though, I still gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from the trip.

Over the course of the week and a half I was in California, I gained a new appreciation for everything back home: nice showers, food I actually want to eat, and plenty of friends and family. And luckily, I really enjoyed the time spent there with family I hardly ever get to see.

Everyone needs to be more open, and even if sushi isn’t something you’re willing to try, camp should be given a chance. It’s more than weird showers and food that you definitely don’t want seconds of, and there are tons of people out there who love camp. It’s one of those things that could end up as something you want to do over and over again. Even if it’s not, there is so much that a person can get out of it.

You can’t write off something until you’ve tried it, and just about everything deserves a shot. Camp is one thing that everyone should experience. This I do believe.