This I Believe

Julieanne - Clarendon Hills, Illinois
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I first started decorating cakes, they never turned out the way I envisioned them. The light blue frosting would end up where the yellow was supposed to be and I did star tips where I intended to do basket weaving. I always saw glaring mistakes in my cakes because they were not exactly how I wanted them to be. Flipping through cake decorating magazines I would see works of art, with skill levels seemingly unattainable to me. Turn on the Food Network and every cake featured looked stunning. It was not until I was making a cake for my younger cousin that I realized why I have such a passion for cake decorating.

My cousin just had graduated from preschool and was overwhelmed with pride. When I found out he would be coming over I thought I would make him a cake. I was all ready to get started when I found out my mother was not going to be home. This would mean I was all on my own, from start to finish. As nervous as I was I began baking and, of course, the cake stuck to the pan. What a great start I had. Eventually, the cake was out, cooled, and ready to be decorated. While working, I stopped numerous times and saw awful, glaring mistakes. Even though I felt like giving up, I went back to work. Being the perfectionist I am disappointment with the end result of my cake struck me. Little did I know the one person to whom it mattered most would not share this opinion. Later, when my cousin came in, the cake was the first thing he saw. His six year old eyes lit up when he saw my rendition of a fire truck cake.

That night my infatuation with cake decorating became clear. It allows me to give what I consider the best gifts, time and effort to another person. When somebody realizes you spent your valuable time doing something for them, they truly feel appreciated. Even if the cake I give to somebody does not look like a pastry artist decorated it the recipient sees my effort. The gift of a decorated cake shows more love and commitment than any other gift you can give. A beautifully decorated cake showcases the gifts of time and effort and allows me to make a person feel special, this I believe.