I believe In Same Sex Marriage

Ashley - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in same sex marriage because I believe you should have a right to love who you want. I’ve been in a same sex relationship for going on seven years and counting. I have been called names and hurt by my brothers and sister. My brother had called me hurtful names and my sister doesn’t understand it. My mother when I was young had to work late so my older sister had to raise me. She found out about my feelings toward this girl. She says it is her fault that I’m gay now. I didn’t know that feeling love was so hard to express. It’s the idea that at one point my mom cut a lot of my hair it was really short. I was doing a hair style that I spiked it up this was my first encounter with hurtful words. My older brother and his friend called me a dyke. If this is from my family you can believe how I felt trying to let people know that I’m gay. I was scared to death to find friends in high school because I wanted them to know the real Ashley but I didn’t know how they would take it. This is how lucky I got with my friends. They happen to be all bisexual. I’ve been in the dark about my relationship for so many years. I had to tell my feeling to my mom’s best friend first because he was gay himself. I thought he would understand where I was coming from with this problem. I didn’t understand why my sister couldn’t take me being gay but, she loved him all the same. This still hurts me till this day. He told me I should let my mom know because she would understand and still love me for who I was even if I was gay. My parents are very open minded which has helped me a lot though the years. I am also very emotional about everything that goes on that deals with me. I wish that people wouldn’t judge me just because of someone I love. I had my brother tell me I was gay because of my tongue piercing. I didn’t know that something like that meant that. I might have been hurt and pushed around for feeling love towards a girl but, I’m not going to let this bother me. I’m in love with a girl and I say it proudly because she makes me feel safe and very happy.