Time to Live

Eva - Darien, Illinois
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


If we were to walk together through the mall or a crowded street we would notice that everywhere we go people are checking their watches, asking what time it is, and being impatient. This is the 21st century: everyone is busy, listening to headphones, caught up in obligations, and moving fast. I think that it’s healthy to be occupied because you will progress, feel useful, accomplished, and fulfilled. There are so many things to do and it might seem as if there is no time, but sometimes to live you don’t need to check the time. I believe in not wearing a watch.

The clock in my living room says, “Time is a Terrible Thing to Waste”. It sure is. Everyday I go out, I meet new intriguing people, I learn, I enjoy the whether, I feel upset, and I feel overjoyed. Unfortunately, there are moments in life in which the demands of society, money, media, and the job, that take priority but I believe that we all have a moment to spare. The moment I look outside, breathe, give a hug, laugh, or see a star, should not seem like a wasted minute because the moment is timeless. At times without realizing it I take a minute and reflect upon the many fulfilling moments in my day that were not part of a schedule.

There are times when I’m mad at myself for goofing off and playing with my brother and sister when I could have done my English homework. When I take my time to play pirates, or “I’m going to get you” with my siblings I treasure the moment. We laugh, sing, scream, and enjoy ourselves and then I realize that bonding with the people I love has brought me so much to appreciate. I don’t mind taking twenty minutes of my study time to help my brother on his homework or reviewing for a test with my sister. I believe it’s important to dedicate time for the people who will always be with you. Everyday life is also about oneself and the time I take to give Grandpa a hug, Mom a kiss, and watch the snow fall. I don’t think of this as a waste of time, but a gained inspiration and taste of life. Enjoying a moment has never gotten in the way of what I want to accomplish. A twelve-hour clock won’t stop moving so I don’t look at it all the time, because time will fly by and what I can do is live with it. I feel like myself when I spend time with people who know and understand me, and will always give me the place I deserve within family and friends. I enjoy moments with people and give time for myself without warring because time can’t run out or limit my life.

There are times when I regret not being with someone, not doing or saying something but I can make the time for a good-bye, a laugh, a drink, and a kiss. Without looking for the clock you can live without limiting your life, enjoy the people around you, and love the life around you.