The Reality of Truth

Alethea - Darien, Illinois
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in being truthful. The Greek translation of my name is truth. I have always wanted to live up to that and I still try to. However, I, as well as many others find it easier to lie than to tell the truth. Lying is almost second nature. I do it without knowing that I am doing it.

Someone once told me, “A lie repeated ten times becomes the truth.” This was a little confusing at first but after thinking about it, it made sense to me. Deciding to put this philosophy to the test, I told people that I couldn’t fall asleep until ten thirty. The truth was that it was very easy for me to fall asleep at nine or nine thirty. Eventually, this lie became a fact in my life, ruining my sleeping pattern.

What if it was possible to always tell the truth, no lies or secrets? It would be a lot easier to tell the true character of a person. When my sisters were younger, they never lied because they didn’t know what it meant to lie or how to lie. I could see that they were truly good kids, but then again, they, like all kids, were good when they were young. They eventually grew older and learned that they have to lie to avoid getting grounded when they have done something wrong. This habit grew and grew until they, more often than not, are lying constantly rather than saying what really happened. It annoys me so much because they used to always tell the truth. I think being truthful is something very commendable in a person.

Being 16, the next few years in my life are going to be about finding out what kind of person I really am. I will be challenged in ways I can not imagine now. I always think that if I can’t be truthful to others, I will not be able to discover who I really am. It’s hard to be true to yourself if you can’t be truthful to others. I wouldn’t want to be twenty-eight and not be sure of what kind of a person I am. People are always “experimenting” during their teenage and college years, but they don’t gain anything from that because they are being someone other than themselves or doing things they wouldn’t normally do. Unfortunately, they become a new person whom even their closest friends can not recognize. By lying to themselves they have lost their true identity. Because of this, being untruthful to find yourself is a concept I will not accept.

I know being truthful one hundred percent of the time is right up there with finding every digit in the number pi (π), impossible. But in the case of pi, we can get a significant amount of digits. Being truthful it is an admirable quality to strive for, especially if it gets me one step closer to helping me find out who I am.

This I believe.