Dogs=Best Friends

Caroline - Greenwich, Connecticut
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that dogs are the best friends you can ever have.

Friendship comes in many different shapes and sizes; sometimes you look for a friend, and sometimes they find you. The one friend for whom I am most grateful is my beloved dog, Charlie. Charlie is a three year old Vizsla, who sports a beautiful coat of rusty red hair. Even though he is past the fifty pound mark, he stills considers himself a lap dog, and will stretch out on the couch with you as if he were a regular person. All Charlie wants to do is have fun, and his genuine enthusiasm and happiness is truly contagious. Charlie is the kind of friend that will make you feel good about everything you do, no matter the circumstances.

Although people try to deny it, everyone judges each other. If you do something wrong, your friends at school secretly talk about you. However, there is one creature that will never make you feel like a bad person no matter what, your dog. All dogs do is make us happier and expect nothing in return. They are happiest when they give unconditional love. As a hormonal teenager, I have had some experiences when it seems like the world is against me. Whether I’ve had a fight with a friend, sibling, or parent, I can always go to my “little brother” to make me feel better. Somehow, dogs have a way of sensing people’s emotions, and my dog knows when I am excited, angry, or sad. When I’m excited, he shares the enthusiasm. When I’m angry, he knows to steer clear of me. But when I’m sad, he brushes up against me, and sits with me for however long I need to pull myself together again.

Dogs play such an important role in a person’s life. Who would Elizabeth be without Clifford the Big Red Dog, or Charlie Brown without Snoopy, or Matt Turner without Lassie? I don’t think I would be the person I am today if I did not have a dog in my life. Charlie played a major role in my upbringing, and has taught me responsibility; whether it’s picking up his you-know-what or feeding him or giving him a bath (even if sometimes I have to be asked more than once to take care of him). Having my sidekick always with me makes me feel like I can accomplish anything, no matter how hard the task may be.

The memory and friendship of my dog will forever last. No matter what happens, my dog will always be my best friend. Some friends come and go, but canine friends are here to stay. This, I believe.