This I believe: Good Parenting

Aaron - gainesville, Florida
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe Essay: Good Parenting

Children are directly impacted by the actions of their parents or guardians. The criminals, the drug dealers, and the rapists; these people are all affected by the actions of their guardians. But so are the priests, the Nobel peace prize recipients, and the advocates of world peace. Children are the future of this world, the deciders of tomorrow. So it is easy to understand why I believe in “good parenting.” Good parenting helps to mold the child into what is considered a kind, loving individual. So why do I have such a strong passion to believe in such a simple action? Well, I am influenced by my parents to write this essay; however, they lead me by an example of what not to do rather than what to do.

I was raised in an environment of drug use and violence, screaming and crying, and confusion and instability. I had moved twenty-one times by the time I reached high-school and had moved enough to stop making friends in fear of losing them. I had lived with strangers while both of my parents were in jail, and was born while my father was serving time. I learned to adapt to my environment and become familiar with change, but I also became independent of my family and desensitized from common emotions such as fear and love. My parents promised my sister and me many things without results and taught use to expect failure rather than success in all aspects of life. I was striped from both of my parents’ custody at age 16 when the Department of Children and Families filed a suit against my parents to take custody of me and they didn’t show up to court.

I have become more independent than I ever thought possible, completely self-sustained college student on the right track to become a respectable pharmacist. I have become rather accomplished at a young age with numerous occupational certifications. Everyone that knows me respects my achievements, but only those who are truly close to me understand that I seem as if I am missing something, some control on my temper, some passion towards my family. I am in the end successful but left missing out on one of the greatest points of life. Having a mother and father who care for me and are around when I need advice.

I am completely molded by my parents. Although I would never want them to know, I owe my success to them. But even more secretly would I keep from them, is the fact that they have created me with the hardened emotions. And even though I may seem happy and successful, I really will always feel left out when I hear of my friends parents. So, by this time if you still need to know why exactly I believe in “good parenting,” it is because I know what bad parenting does, and I would never wish these feelings on another individual.