First step of my believe

Nilanka - Muncie, Indiana
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have always believed people must help each other, because it is the main behavior of human beings. Otherwise, this plant is destroyed.

As a child, I started to collect knowledge listening to my grandparents’ stories. My grandparents and relatives gave advice using the small stories. I heard same story several time. That is how I learned about human disciplines. No one gave command or order to us. After listening to the stories, and looking to the older family members we learned good attitudes. Still, I remember my parents and other elderly relatives always said listen to your heart not the brain. You feel happy doing something and everybody appreciate that, try to do it again. Life is not money, big money never gains happy. Always, you should try to keep relationship and make new relationship. That kind of things I heard during my whole childhood. Because of those things, my life starts to changed. I tried to find out what kind of things gain happy to others and me.

I was very little; I shared my foods with a poor student in my school. That is my first experiment. At that day, I felt so happy, and after coming to my home, I told that story to my mother. She appreciated, and she told it to everybody and they happy about that. After that, my mother put extra food into my lunch box. On the other hand, I shared my knowledge with everybody. For an example, I tough computer science for poor students freely. Those kinds of things gain happier to my life. Since my childhood, I want to do good things for society. That is why changed my major after coming here. I want to help poor and helpless people.