The Power of Music

David - Charlotte, Iowa
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Power of Music

I believe that music can do wonderful things. Like it can change someone’s view on the world, or change how someone can feel at that moment, and it can also bring people together.

For instance I have a friend who doesn’t like to do anything that I like to do, you could almost say that we’re complete opposites, but one day we went to a Stellar Kart concert which is one of our favorite bands and we found out something that we both liked. That was one way that music has changed me. Something else that music does to help me connect with my friends is our band. We’re not the best at what we play, which is just some church songs, but we do pretty well, but whenever we play together on the stage at our church we just seem to get along better than normal. We play music that we all love every once or twice a week for our youth group and everybody loves it because of the message we give to our peers, like when we sing he reigns by the Newsboys.

I also listen to music whenever I’m in a certain mood, when I’m mad I listen to hard rock, or when I’m bored I listen to pretty much anything that just sounds good at the moment, like ill just listen some older punk rock stuff like Blink 182, Simple Plan, and Eve 6. So what I am saying here is that music can change the way you about how you are feeling about something at a certain point and time.

Music can also connect you to some of your family members. Like my dad and I are always listening to music when were driving together, and it’s always either classic rock, such as ACDC, Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, or we’re just jamming to the newer rock, which is like Three Days Grace, System of a Down, and Kutless, which is usually a cool thing to listen to. My brother and I are always listening to the newer rock too, especially when were playing video games. I can even listen to some oldies and a little Christian music with my mom, like Toby Mac, Stellar Kart, and Kutless, as long as it has a good beat or meaning to it, because I can’t stand listening to a good tune without a good beat in it.

So in conclusion I believe that music can bring people together no matter how different or similar people are, as long as it has a good message people can get along with music.