This I believe

Thiago - 06810, Connecticut
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

There is nothing better in this world than loving and being passionate about something you are best at. For me, the best thing about it is enjoying and being my best at what I do. The other good part about it is having the feeling of thought that made me feel like I am born to BMX. I believe on believing in myself. I believe that believing in myself is the foundation of the strength, which allows me to conquer whatever I set my mind to. This is the reason why when I ride my bike, I am able to trounce and triumph over even the most difficult barriers. It is when I believe in myself, that I am able to conquer anything I set my mind to.

It was a warm summer night and I could feel the pressure rising up from my feet as the crowd shouted my name. There I was, standing on top of the 14 feet tall half-pipe platform as I held my bike between my legs and tightened my elbow pads. I had made it to the BMX championship finals. It was a great feeling knowing that all my hard work had paid out, yet not such a good feeling as I felt as if I had swallowed a cup of ice cubes.

“Thiago you are coming up, please check your equipment and tighten it up.” Said Jordan, one of the hosts of the event.

“One more run buddy. This is all yours!” He proceeded to say with a bright smile on his face.

I smiled and looked down to position myself as I tightened my full-face helmet and waited to be called. Then suddenly after taking a deep breath, I dropped into the quarter pipe with my bike. Everything happened so quickly. “This is what you were born to do, so do it,” I thought to myself as I aired out over the spine. Then came hardest part: it was my chance to impress the judges. I proceeded to take another deep breath as my heart beat rapidly, and pumped my way up toward the sides of the vertical pipe. While airing out, I managed to pull a 360 tail-whip and land smoothly back down the pipe. Then it was all over. My crew came running toward me, making me feel as if I was about be run over by a marathon of people. I stared beyond the stars in the sky and thanked God for helping me to believe in myself. I had won my first Medal.

I learned many things through this fascinating experience. The amazing connection I had with my bike always made me feel like I was greater than any obstacle. This experience has taught me that God is always there with me, which gives me a great feeling of courage and support. Most importantly, I have learned that no matter how difficult my goals might be if I believe in myself then I will achieve them because to believe in myself is to be sure that I will cross the finish line.