Do you have a dream?

Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Korean people usually call a university entrance examination as an entrance hell. The students are supposed to studying from seven o’clock AM to ten o’clock PM. Moreover, most of them usually go to library after that. So, I’m sure that they are spending really hard time and competitive situation. I also spent hardship like that. However I often regret my past periods because at that time, I didn’t have any specific goals. I just focused on studying and studying again. So, after entered university, I had to spend confusing time again.

There is no one who does not have a dream. However, it could not guarantee that everybody could make their dreams come true. I’m sure that many people who live this world has suffered from a gap of a reality and an ideal. After being grown up, I can realize importance of a dream and rules that I think we should consider when we live world. So, I just want to write a useful bit of advice for young person who want to find their dreams.

I believe that there are three simple ways to attain their goals. First, “Make sure about your goal.” I think people have to set up a specific dream. If you have a goal like “I would be a president.” or “I want to be a general.” you would never achieve that goal. You have to make sure about your specific job that you want to get or prepare realistic way to gain the job. Second, don’t be afraid of flowing of time. Everybody should spend their own time and Time is distributed fairly. How to use time is the most important thing in the world. So, don’t be afraid of getting older. Be proud of yourself. Third, I’m sure that if I try to get something and do something for it, I would get a result. There is no perfect result. Everyone should do the best and satisfy with their results. The results do not matter. The most important thing is that we would get the results. There is a big difference between someone who got the result and someone who did not get the results.

People, who have lived their own life, regret their past period. But I believe that we should think we had a specific goal and a willing to achieve the goal first. If we have and if we’re ready to accept the result, we would not regret again.