Helping Those In Need

Anna - Rosemont, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Helping Those In Need

I believe that it is important to help others in need. When you’re walking down the street and you see an elderly woman barely able to walk on the path, I believe that you can help this woman. I believe that when a child is crying alone in an isle at a store, that you can help this child. I believe that when a man is lost and cannot find his way and you know the way, that you can help this man. I believe that when you see a homeless man, woman, or child on the street you can help this human being. I believe that helping someone that is in need of your help can really make a great difference in this world.

I believe that helping another person can be a very simple task. For example if you see a person drop their keys and they happen not to notice, then you can pick them up and hand them right back to them. The most smallest task toward helping someone can still make a great difference.

One day my mom and I were taking a walk around our neighborhood when we found a lost dog wondering around the streets. My mom and I decided to try and find it’s owner. We knocked on various doors and asked many people who were walking by if it was their dog or if they knew who the owner was. For a while we couldn’t find the owner but finally one of the neighbors doors we knocked on told us that it was the lady who lived at the end of street. We took the dog back home and knocked on the owner’s door. She was so grateful that we found her dog . Even though this was a simple task toward helping someone it still made a difference for this woman in that she got her dog back.

Helping people can go even farther than just one person on one day. Sending money to a country/place that is in need of money, helping a charity and volunteering are also great ways to make a difference.

There is much injustice happening right now. People are dealing with hunger, poverty, homelessness, sickness, suffering, and many more injustices. By giving food to the hungry, giving shelter to the poor, medicine to the sick, and comfort to the suffering are some of the ways a person can help.

There is much injustice in the world and if we just sit down and hear about it on the news and do nothing, then we are not helping this world to become better and bring about justice. The more we do as a globe to help each other out the more justice there will be. The world can become a great world if we just help those in need of our help.