Respect for All

Emmanuel - Frankfort, Kentucky
Entered on April 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

Respect is a moral value that is accepted by all and helps show how considerable one is to others. It applies to different aspects of our life; there are many instances in life where one has to show respect. Respect could be learnt or prtrayed in many ways, some people learn to respect without discrimination, while others respect only the elderly or authority figures. Most people give respect to the highly educated ones and for those who do not reach an expected level of education they choose not to respect them, but this way of viewing those to respect is appalling.

There are people who do not help others no matter the circumstance. For example, if a young man sees a lady who does not look attractive trying to open a door with luggage he would not bother to help, but if that very lady were to look gorgeous with a nice dress; that guy would try to help even if she does not request his help.

College graduates have problems respecting their fellow classmates or age groups, especially if they dropped out of school. They make them look less ambitious for not completing their college education. but they forget that not all students drop out of school because they were not smart. There are students who drop out school because of financial difficulties; others drop out of school because of certain life changes such as pregnancy, death of parents, or sponsors or health problems.

I was taught to respect everyone no matter their appearance. It really pays to respect one another; somtimes it is dificult but I try. I once saw an old lady walking slowly on a busy street I tried to bypass her but as I came close to her I realized she was trying to enter a shop so I was kind enough to open the door for her, expecting her to at least show a sign of appreciation, she did not say “Thanks.” But rather all she could say was, “I am fine just leave it, I can do it myself.” I felt offended but I smiled and left the scene. How can one respect the elderly all the time in this world? I kept thinking of this until I got home. I told my siblings what happened and they advised me to keep on with my help and respect for others.

The elderly are usually seen as the most knowledgeable individuls in the world, but today there have been changes in the level of respect for the elderly. Some elderly people do not teach young ones how to live an ideal life. I never liked to live with my grandparents because they made me feel like life was easy and that everything could be reached by just asking for it.

Respect for the opposite sex has been a problem in most countries because of the denial of women’s equal rights under the law for a long period of time. Men tend to disrespect women in almost every aspect of life, in certain countries, women do not get the same pay as men, even if they work for the same number of hours at a workplace. Men always see women as their compettition. For example, if a guy sees his fellow male friend driving a nice car he does not feel the need to buy a more expensive one, but if he sees a girl who has a car that worth more than his, he would begin to feel the need to upgrade his car. At workplaces, men are often offended if a lady instructs them to do something as compared to another man instructing him.

This attitude by men for women is irrational and does not help at all because women are equal to men, I do not care if a lady has power over me. Instead of disrespecting her I would rather try to learn to team up with her so we would become more like friends, that way I would not have any bad feelings if she orders me to do something. This reminds me of a friend whom I worked with who had problem with the female manager. He asked me, “How come I like to work at the place despite how hard she made us work?” And I told him, “All you should try to do is to team up with the manager and you would love the job.” After a while he tried it and from then he began to cherish his job. This shows how respect for all can make one feel comfortable at the workplace.

Greeting is another way of showing respect to one another; students are taught to greet the elderly when they see them. It is first applied to teachers; whenever a teacher enters a class all the students greet the teacher and also ask how he or she is doing. But this idea of greeting the elderly seems to end when one reaches the adolescent ages. At this stage, students begin to choose who to greet and those that do not need to be greeted. I often see people hiding their faces from me when they are walking towards me. I usually look at such individuals in the face until they feel unconfortable and finally say “hi.” I do not mean I say “hi” or greet everyone on the street but I try my best to say “hi” to those I know or met before, and show respect to others.

I believe that it pays to be respectful because if one shows respectful attititudes towards others, it draws people to him or her. And there is no way such individuals would be disrespected by others even if there is any kind of disrespect, it would be a few. Respect works perfectly with the popular saying, “What goes around comes back around.” In this case give respect to gain respect.