The Effects of Mankind

Matt - Lexington, Kentucky
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: environment

The environment is a delicate object, which is easily altered. The world today is completely different from how it was millions of years ago. There were no buildings, no streets, no cities, not even humans. The evolution of man has taken its toll on the world, and although I am grateful for the advantages of living in today’s world, there have been many sacrifices in order to obtain this way of life. Pollution and destruction of the environment has ruined parts of the world, and this continues to happen. Sure, I am not a model citizen that recycles everyday or drives an environmentally-safe car, but I at least realize what humans are doing to the planet. I believe that the preservation of the environment is an important and necessary task for this world to become conscious of.

Today’s world has become a civilization of factories, automobiles, and production. Yes, these are necessary for the way of life that humans’ desire, but the cost we pay for this lifestyle is high. Factories generate huge emissions of greenhouse gases that are dangerous and damaging to the Earth’s atmosphere. I recently wrote a paper on the global warming crisis and have learned much about the problem of these greenhouse gases. The Earth itself does harmful gases, but with all the factories and automobiles that humans use, we are increasing the rate at which these gases are emitted.

I recently had a conversation about the issue of Earth’s climate crisis with an individual that angered me. I brought up the topic to see what he thought of the issue because he seemed like an intelligent guy. But to my surprise, he was completely against the idea of global warming. He believed that global warming was a “hoax”, as he put it, and that people are not contributing a significant amount of pollutants to notably alter the environment. I was outraged at his ignorance; to believe that the millions and millions of cars driving around the world do not have a significant affect on the Earth is ridiculous! With all the factories and machines giving off massive amounts of pollutants, how could man kind not be contributing to the destruction of the atmosphere?

People who are ignorant of the obvious environmental problems that the world faces today completely aggravate me. Humans’ considerably pollute the environment and to ignore this fact is absurd. I am not saying that the world should completely change how it operates; people should just acknowledge this issue and work to fix the problem. To ignore the problem and believe that the world will be fine and nothing will happen is outrageous. Signs have already begun to show up and they have caused harm to wildlife and humans alike.

The preservation of the environment is so important to me because I am worried about the future. I am not only concerned about my future; but my family, my friends, and mankind’s future. I think about how the world will look in fifty years, or even if it will be around that far in the future. I wonder if every person is allowed to own their own car, or if gas will even be affordable. I question if there will be parks for leisure, or if all the healthy land is used for agriculture to supply a starving planet with food it needs. I wonder if my children will be able to enjoy the same activities I enjoyed as a child.

I remember my high school years, when my friends and I would get out of class and drive around the old country roads. The roads winded and weaved through the peaceful countryside. It was an indescribable sight; it gave me a sense of pure relaxation. We would park on an old dirt road and run out into the giant fields and play Frisbee. There was no noisy traffic around or ugly concrete structures; it was just miles of rolling hills and towering trees. It was peaceful and serene, and I just enjoyed spending my time in that environment. I feel that if I do not voice my opinion about the climate crisis, fields like those will be gone forever. People will remain oblivious to the fact that the Earth is changing and nothing will be done to stop it.

Solutions to this growing problem have been acknowledged, but without the actual execution of these solutions no change will ever occur. Governments or businesses must require their citizens or employees to start recycling and help people become more aware of the problem. If mankind does not change how we are using all of the Earth’s resources and realize how we are abusing this planet, the way of life we enjoy will be over. It is ignorant and foolish to say that man is not altering the Earth, and even more illogical to not attempt to fix the problem. It is lack of knowledge of and laziness towards this crisis that is the problem, and we are all paying for this mistake. The environment is a delicate object, and always changing. The world will be as different in the future as today is from the past. Mother Nature has molded the world into what it is today, and human beings will take over her role in shaping the world of the future. It will be our choice, and our children’s choice, to how we want the world to look in 100 years. If people do not start taking actions to preserve this planet and its environment, there will be devastating consequences.