Blood is Thicker than Water

Nilma - Joliet, Illinois
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

My mom was in the kitchen when I got home and all I was trying to do was avoid her. She heard I was crying and came to my room to see why. When she asked what was wrong, I couldn’t say anything to her; I just looked at her, she understood right away. My mom had always told me things like “blood is thicker than water,” or “your family will always be there for you.”

Every time my ex-boyfriend and I would get into a fight, my mom would always notice something was wrong with me. She would always try to talk to me, figure out the problem and then give me some sort of advice. She would always tell me that I’m prioritizing him over our family. I never wanted to listen to her, and I still always wasted my time on my boyfriend. I would always choose him over anything: family, friends and school. I had made him my world and my number one priority. I constantly chose to make him happy over anyone else, even myself. My mom was always trying to explain to me that boyfriends come and go and that family would always be there. Just like every other time, I would disregard what she said and go back to making him the most important thing in my life. Little did I know my world would be shattered by the one person I gave my utmost attention to.

I had come home one weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary. I wanted to plan so many special things for him. My mom didn’t understand why I was going out on a limb to do all these things for him, she didn’t agree with it and she told me not to bother doing it. As always, I didn’t pay any attention to her and did it anyway. When we were supposed to be celebrating our anniversary and spending time together, we spent the entire time fighting. As we argued, the words exchanged became meaner and more hurtful, and it led to him breaking up with me. He told me to leave his house and leave him alone, I was devastated and all I could do was cry. With red eyes and tear-stained cheeks I went home.

After seeing my mom, she didn’t have to say anything about my break-up. She knew I had finally realized that blood is thicker than water. I now have a better understanding of my priorities and I finally believe that, no matter what, family will always come first.