When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Rachel - Bealeton, Virginia
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My palms are sweaty, my heart is pounding, and my mind is racing with a million thoughts. I sit, waiting to hear the news about Alicia and Chelsea, my two older sisters, car accident. Their two best friends, Erin and Josh Davis, were in the car with them. When my mom and Mrs. Davis got to the hospital they found out who died in the accident. My family found out that Chelsea did not make it through the crash but Alicia was going to be okay, and the Davis’s found out that neither Erin nor Josh made it. This has led me to the conclusion that my family pulled the short stick in life. Pretty much anything bad that could happen to a person has happened to us. I have lost more people close to me than any other 19 year old I know. Out of all the times I have lost someone important in my life my family has always been there for me.

In life there are good times and bad times, happy times and sad times, easy times and hard times. I believe that one should always be there for family and friends in those bad, sad and hard times. Throughout my life I could not have made it through any of those times if it weren’t for my family being there to help me through it.

Family is the one thing I can rely on to be there when I am in trouble. They are always there to catch the tears and hand me a tissue when something has gone wrong. Family will drop everything they’re doing to come when something bad has just happened. Family, in my opinion, is the number one support line. I could call them anytime I want and they will listen to my problems. If I have lost someone important to me they will be there as soon as possible to make sure I am alright, and they will stick by my side whatever comes our way.

My family in particular is very supportive. My grandmother had eight children and each of them had no less than three. In other words my family is BIG. There is always someone that we can get a hold of and as soon as you say something to one family member, the whole family knows within a day. I love this about my family because it shows how tight-knit we are. A person in my family can have up to 72 other people to talk to when they are upset or if they just need someone to be there. My family also has a big habit of dropping everything and going to be with the person that needs support as soon as it is needed.

January 27, 2002 my immediate family lost one of the most important things in our lives and to top it off it wasn’t just one person it was multiple loved ones. It was a crucial day where we really needed family and friend support. Around 3:00 pm that day we received the worst news we could have ever endured. We received a phone call from a friend of ours that Alicia, Chelsea, Erin and Josh had been in a car accident. We didn’t know how bad it was yet, so my mom and Mrs. Davis, went to find out. When they arrived at the accident a paramedic had said that two were confirmed dead and the driver was coherent and talking. Both my mom and Mrs. Davis still didn’t know for sure if it was my sister’s car. The cops would not tell them if it was their children so they started asking yes or no questions. After every question the answer became more and more clear. Mom: Were there four kids in the car, cop: yes. Mom: Were there three girls and one boy, cop: yes. Mom: Were they driving a red 1998 mustang, cop: yes. Each answer made them cringe more, but they were still hoping it wouldn’t be them. Last question, Mom: Did the license plate read G1DY-UP, cop: yes. Mrs. Davis and my mother knew right then that their kids were the ones in the car.

That was the hardest night any of us had ever been through. Seth (the younger brother of the Davis kids); my younger sister, brother, and I had to go to a friend’s house while our parents were at the hospital. We were in the dark about the whole thing until our parents came to get us that morning. We were worried about our siblings, but we had each other to keep our minds off of it. At 2 o’clock the next morning our parents came to pick us up and brought us home to unleash the dreadful news. They told us how our sister and two close family friends had passed away in the car accident. We all cried and held one another close. My mom received a phone call from my Uncle Kevin saying that eight of our family members were coming down from New Jersey to Virginia to be with us. As soon as they arrived I walked out to greet them. I tried to be strong and not cry, but my Uncle Kevin grabbed me and we both started crying. They helped with taking care of my sister Alicia, who was in the hospital after the accident. They took turns with who was going to stay with her. There was always someone at the hospital as long as the visiting hours would allow. They helped my parents with taking care of my brother, sister and me by making us dinner when my parents were with Alicia or were just too upset to cook. Our family helped out until we all went to New Jersey to bury Chelsea.

Having our family there really helped us a lot. They were there for support and a shoulder to cry on. If they wouldn’t have come I am sure my mom and our family would have had a much harder time of dealing with our sisters’ death. Between going to see Alicia in the hospital to setting up the arrangements for Chelsea’s funeral and still having to take care of three kids at home. They were there to keep us sane and take our mind off of the pain as much as they could.

I have had many deaths in my family and I am so thankful that I had family and friends to lean on. It makes the process a million times easier. I also believe that if we keep our emotions bottled up inside we will eventually blow. If people didn’t have anyone to tell how they felt the sadness could go undetected. We can’t keep our feelings inside, it is unhealthy. Friends and family can’t stop the weeping, but they will be there to weep with you and listen.