Time is more than Money

Joshua - Manassas, Virginia
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Poets pass the time writing us beautiful words that tell us how incredible the world is. Surfers spend their time searching out in the sandy oceans for the perfect wave to ride back to shore. Surgeons take their time saving lives while Priests take the time to teach us how to live better lives with one another. For me, I just like to relax and enjoy time with the people I care about most. I believe that time is a valuable thing. It is much more valuable than any amount of wealth or riches on this earth.

In America we are fortunate enough to have the opportunities and freedoms to do what we want with our allotment of time. However, with this freedom we have also conditioned ourselves to sometimes spend our most valuable years seeking material wealth rather than seeking what is really important in life. Some people consume their entire lives chasing after dollar bills, big salaries, and figures on their bank accounts, but in this world there is more than that.

I can still feel the awkwardness that I felt when I first arrived at college. Although the campus was alive with students enjoying their newly discovered freedoms, I could not help but feel slightly less liberated. The last four years of my life had all lead up to this. All the time that I had worried and arduously studied brought me to where I was that day. I can still remember my teachers stressing the importance of good work habits. They were always ready to lecture you about how competitive it was going to be to get the “best” scholarships to go toward the “best” college education so I could make the “best” money. I had sacrificed time with my friends and family seeking after these false desires, and finally, there I was. I found myself a freshman with average scholarships at an average school with no major in sight. College was supposed to be different. It wasn’t supposed to have all of that “seeking the best life” nonsense, but it did. Now my professors were stressing the importance of finding what majors to take, where the money is, and which graduate school to look toward. Was it that important? Was I going to waste another four years worrying about my financial future when all I wanted to do was be a kid? I had to make a choice, and I choose to enjoy my life rather than serving it out in an endless search for more material possessions.

Time is worth so much more than money. We have the opportunity to choose to either waste our time worrying about how much we could get or take our time as we enjoy life together with the ones we love doing the things that we love to do. Do not be mislead by the world into underestimating the value of this resource. Spend it wisely.