Building your Weakness

Tiffany - Seaford
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Building your weakness

Everyone has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. We all have a combination of big and little ones, some more important than others. Everyday we discover more of these traits as we learn more of who we are. As a lacrosse goalie, I have a strong side and a weak side. The skills I have learned when guarding the goal are skills that can be put to use in everyday situations. I believe we should build people up and help strengthen their weaknesses.

I have been a lacrosse goalie for the past three years. When playing I always hold my stick up on the right side. When playing lacrosse, the side where the player holds their stick is their strongest side. This is the side that field players often catch on and the side that you do not want to shoot the ball when trying to score. When shots come at me to the left, they are harder to stop because they are coming to my weak side. My left side, including my leg and arm, has had several bruises from where I have taken shots. But from practice and more practice I have learned to protect this side better and keep balls out of the goal.

In life many things come at us, some to our strong side and others to our weaker side. As like most people, I take the stuff to my stronger side better than my weaker side. These may include test grades in a hard class or blocking a shot. When we get to know others we begin to realize what strengths and weaknesses they posses. We need to learn to help them strengthen their weaknesses and not give them bruises in these areas. Others have most likely bruised these areas in the past.

When people notice an others weakness, they may try to break them down. When a drug addict goes through rehab, they go through a period where they are more vulnerable to go back on drugs. When they get out of rehab and back to their homes, they are weaker and their ‘friends’ try to get them to go back on drugs. They continue to bruise the weaker side instead of building up the strong side and helping them change. If we treat others like this, then we will get treated the same way.

By building people up, I allow them to see a glimpse of what I believe and how I want them to treat me. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.” The more we strengthen others and ourselves, the less the weakness will show. We can help others in this area by building them up. Just think of how happier the world would be if built up at least one person a day.