I believe in the Power of Hope

Sarah - Newark, Delaware
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children, hope

I believe in the power of hope. Imagine children clenching to hot water pipes in basements of local businesses, in –30 degree weather. They can’t even consider sleeping because they have to watch for the police officers. These street kids have nowhere to go, and can’t trust anyone because of possibly being placed in a prison or sent back home. It is so sad to see these uneducated kids meandering around with no place to go or person to see. These are the children that my cousin helps as a missionary in Russia. Her motivation and love for these children has given me the hope that one day I can have the courage to stay in a beaten up raggedy old apartment, with no sunshine and sleep through chilly misty nights.

My family’s generosity to this world through the missions of hope has helped me find the level of ambition that I need to give my love to the youth that aren’t as privileged as I am, and to share the wonderful truth of our one and only Jesus Christ. Being a missionary, to my family, means giving hope to people who have been struck by poverty. Unlike many children born in the United States, I have somewhat experienced what these children are going through.

Having been abandoned by my father when I was very young, and growing up in a single parent home, we suffered through many hardships. After moving from Texas to Delaware a few years back, my mother was laid off from her job, and we became quite destitute after losing everything. We lost our home and were homeless for a short period, going from friend’s houses, sleeping in cars, motels, and often did not know where our next meal was going to come from, but God always provided for our basic necessities, even when all hope was lost. Even when we had no food in the cabinets and were praying that an assembly line of food would come barging through our door, God always pulled through. We would hear a knock on the door and sitting there on the doorstep was a plate filled with hot steamy food and yummy sweet deserts for after. In reflection, these struggles strengthened me and taught me how to have hope when we were significantly struggling. As I reflect over these distressing times of my life I have come to realization, that through the power of hope nothing can be too much for us to handle.

These children in Russia have no sense of hope or of relief. Hearing their stories motivates me to give them the hope that I found through my own trials and tribulations. I feel that God has placed these children on my heart so that I may provide them with the blessing of hope. I believe in the power of hope.