What Are You So Afraid of?

Ryan - Springfield, Missouri
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear

I am not a man who stands here today fearless. And for any man who says he is, is a liar, and for any man who truly is, I pity. I am afraid of many things: spiders, bears, sharks, small spaces, being alone, not knowing anyone, losing a friend. I am afraid of change, I am afraid of new things, and I am afraid of failing. This fear that resides in me and in all of us is not a feeling we enjoy to have and we often wish we were that man who did not fear at all.

As I left for college I had one great fear that raised above all my other fears. It was not change, but it was that the distance from my best friends, who I consider brothers would fade our friendship and we would soon grow apart. This fear drove me mad, but I did not want to lose my friends. I ended up calling or contacting them almost every week to just talk and maintain communication. Now, a year later our friendships are even closer, and I do not believe that this would be the case if fear did not drive me to call often.

We are given this ability to fear to protect us. It is a drive within our selves to extinguish our fear, or the danger in which we fear for our own safety or well being. If it were not for the fear of failing, I would not push myself to do homework, and I would not push myself to do my best at whatever I do to ensure the well being of my future.

I believe that fear can bring out the best in us. If we weren’t afraid of drowning we wouldn’t have life guards, and if we weren’t afraid to hurt others we would all be alone. Fear tells us what we want, and our own drive powered by our fear helps us stray from that in which we do not desire. As a child my mother showed a lot of fear when it came to my well being. During that time I hated it, and got into many arguments with her about being over protective. I am not saying that she was not over protective, but I can now see that she had a love that developed a fear for me, so that I wouldn’t have to worry.

I am glad that we have fears in this world, because they keep us safe. They protect us from harms way, and keep us from falling. The drive of fear can make a man push his limits, and change the world.