What I Believe

Marie - 84095, Utah
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

Throughout my life I have had to deal with major illness and injuries.

When I was ten years old

I had throat surgery and was diagnosed with epilepsy. In high school, I

injured my ankle, which caused

some nerve damage. After high school , I was injured in a car accident,

and broke one of my facial bones and almost knocked my two front teeth

out. Three or four years ago I was diagnosed with asthma, and last

summer I injured my knee hiking and developed arthritis. Sometimes I

think to myself,

‘what did I do to deserve this? I’m almost 26 years old and I feel

like I’m 50. I must be jinxed or something. I started feeling sorry for

myself. I felt like the pain from the injuries was holding me back. I

had a hard time focusing in school and a hard time sleeping at night. I

felt totally miserable.

My attitude has changed after I started working with disabled people.

Working with the disabled has made me realize that I could be a lot

worse. Most of the people that I worked with were not able to function

on their own. There were some that were in wheelchairs and weren’t able

to use the bathroom on their own. Others were mentally disabled and

acted like little kids. There was one lady in

particular that was in a wheelchair. Despite the fact that she was

handicapped ,she always had a smile

on her face. When I came into work each day she asked me how I was and

gave me a hug. It made my day. Working with with this lady made me

take my mind off my challenges.

I am grateful that I’m still able to go to school full-time and have

a part-time job.

I’m glad that I’m still able to function despite my difficulties. I

believe going through these challenges

has made me stronger and more grateful that I am still able to function

in society. I have learned not to

take anything for granted, because we can go at anytime. I could have

gotten killed when I was in the car accident. I have learned that I

should live life to the fullest despite what I have gone through.