love defined

Phares - west Jordan, Utah
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love, parenthood

Keith is 4 years old soon to be five. This kid has to be the most charming human being on the planet. He loves life and is a truly a joy to be around He called to say Happy birthday to me, but told me that although he loved me a lot he did not wish to go on a planned mini vacation to St. George. “My teacher at school will be mad, you told me I should not miss school” he says. I tell him, its okay to miss three days to be with the one that you love. The following day I take the grueling 5 hour journey round trip to pick him up. I thought I should be accustomed to it by now, but this journey really takes a toll on me. It’s even worse when I work on the day I pick him up because it turns out to be 6 hour love affair with the road.

I arrive at his Grammas house exhausted and with a headache, Keith’s countenance lights up, but he refuses to hug me stating that he does not want to go to St. George. I tell him to get in the car and we drive back to my house. On the way he says just a few words and goes to sleep. The following day we drive down to St George and as soon as we arrive in our hotel and he finds out that there is a pool he looks at me with a grin on his face and says “I love you daddy”. Wow! Finally he loves me!! He loves being in the water. That night he told me he loved me many times. Too many times to count. I had come down here for a conference and he spent the day with my bosses 10 year old son and his Gramma. They had fun and I got to hear all of it every night for three nights.

Its 4:00pm on a Wednesday evening and the conference has concluded and we have to go back home. He is reluctant to leave and wants to stay longer. I tell him no and he gets mad. I put him in his car seat and I start the long drive home. After 4 hours or so we arrive at home and I take him to Ogden to meet his mother. He jumps out of the car and give me the biggest hug ever and says “I love you daddy! We should go to St. George again next time.” He gets into his mothers car and they drive away and I am left there awed at he whole experience. This is one of those moments you never forget. Its getting late and I need to go home and wait for another two weeks before I pick him up again. I cant wait to hear “ I love you daddy”.