The Universal Cure

Brooke - lexington, Kentucky
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Try to imagine what the world would be like without laughter. People would walk around with scowls on their faces, and everyone would feel dark and unhappy; life would be boring. When thinking of a favorite memory, what about that that particular memory makes it so memorable? Usually, the memories that are remembered most involve certain people who one is close to along with a lot of laughter. I believe in laughter and the people who cause it most in my life.

I believe in my Dad. Even though all my friends are intimidated by him the first couple times they come around him because of his serious manors, facial expressions, and shyness, he is one of the funniest people I know. Whenever I am having a bad day I can always count on him to cheer me up, whether it is cracking a joke that is so dumb it turns out to be funny, or him trying to act like a Who from The Grinch who Stole Christmas by putting grapes in between his upper lip and teeth, he always manages to make me smile when I don’t want to. One time, he was standing in the kitchen talking to me and heard the garage door open. Knowing that my mom was pulling in the garage, and that she always puts her purse in the closet, he walked into the closet and closed the door waiting for her to put her purse away so he could scare her. And sure enough, she about jumped out of her skin. Another way my dad makes me laugh is by singing the song “Holla back girl” by Gwen Stefani. I don’t know why, but for some reason he really likes the song. The funny part about it is that he doesn’t know all the words so he will only sing the beat leading to the chorus and then the chorus, with the words mixed up. Hearing him sing the song is hilarious and can make anyone laugh at anytime.

The best kind of laugh is when a person laughs so hard they can’t breathe. Not literally, but it’s the kind of laugh that stays in one’s stomach, they don’t make any noise, but one can tell they are laughing because they can see them shaking or bending over because their stomach hurts so badly. For most people, this type of laugh usually comes from a best friend. Over the years I have had countless good laughs with my best friends. One that sticks out to me the most is when I was in 8th grade and my two best friends, Brittany and Alyssa, and I went to camp for a week. Britt and I hated it. Right when we got there we wanted to leave, the cabins were dirty, unbearably hot, and the other girls assigned to our cabin stuck to each other thinking they were better than everyone else.

Surprisingly, we managed to make it through the week. The second to last day it was time for showers. Because there were so many girls showering at one time and few showers, we had to put on bathing suits and shower together. The showers were absolutely disgusting. There were clumps of hair on the walls and dead moths and bugs on the floors. The showers had very little space, so one of us would be under the water washing our hair, while the other two stood on the floor next to the shower shaving their legs. Washing my hair, with my eyes closed, I felt something hit my calf. When I opened my eyes, Britt was the first one I saw, and she was laughing hysterically looking at the ground. I looked to my right and out of the corner of my eye saw something slide out from under our shower curtain, and glide into the bathroom stall across the aisle in the bathroom. Once I looked down, to my amazement, Alyssa was lying on the ground, on her back, waving her arms and hands through the air with an indescribable repulsive look on her face whining, “Ew! I’m lying in the crap!!” I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. After Alyssa yelled at us like it was our fault because she slipped and fell, she got up off the floor, flung the shower curtain open and stomped out. Three minutes later the curtain opened again and Alyssa was standing with her soap in her hand wearing an unpleasant look on her face. Turns out, the object I saw slide out of our shower stall was her soap and instead of picking her soap up and bringing it back to the shower, she decided to pick it up and take it all the way to the bathroom sink to rinse it off. Britt and I laughed so hard we could hardly breathe all night and had tears rolling down our cheeks. Weeks later we were still laughing just as hard. To this day, I still find a good laugh when I think about camp.

I also believe in laughter because it keeps one healthy. Laughing 100 times is equivalent to a fifteen minute workout on a bicycle. The average adult laughs approximately seventeen times per day. I believe that laughing and being happy can make or break someone’s day. If one goes out with their friends and laughs with them, that means they are having fun, which leads to memories and having a good day.

Laughing can turn a bad situation into a good situation. For example, My Aunt had breast cancer last year and instead of dwelling on the fact that the doctor told her she only had 10 months to live, she was determined not to let her cancer bring her down. My aunt looked at the positive aspects of life while going through chemotherapy and no matter how hard times were, she always kept her head up. She surrounded herself by the people who could make her laugh the most and was always smiling whenever I saw her. Luckily, the cancer went away. I believe that her positive attitude and the way she managed to somehow always laugh is what caused her to outlive her breast cancer.

Laughter is a universal cure and can get anyone through anything. People have a choice to make each day. They can choose to have a poor attitude towards everything, be unhappy and bring the people around them down, or they can be blissful. In order to be blissful and joyful, they need to have a sense of humor and laugh. Laughing can cause memories and form bonds with people one didn’t even know they had anything in common with. Laughing can make other people laugh, and putting a smile on someone else’s face is a rewarding feeling. I cherish the people who make me laugh most in my life because I have formed numerous memories with them and they each have a special place in my heart.