I Believe in Making Changes Alone

Isaac - Phialdelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Making Changes Alone

I believe in making a difference in my community. I believe in helping the city of Philadelphia finding ways to become a clean city and keeping its proclamation of brotherhood. I believe in partnerships because when two or three individuals come together they can exchange ideas and come up with a solution. But I believe in doing it myself despite others.

Last summer, my life has changed completely after my visit to Seattle, Washington. I visited many islands, where recycling was something that the community takes very seriously. The people leaving in those Islands would recycle every single bottles and cans that they have used and would bring them to the recycling location every so and then. One thing, I found quite interesting was that they would even recycle vehicle’s plates. This attitude of the community has inspired me and it was amazing to face that experience because I believe the city of Philadelphia can become a remarkable city again.

I truly felt bad for the city of Philadelphia because many places don’t profoundly take into consideration the importance of recycling. Even if one person has the idea, another person tends to ruin it because the community is not truly connected. The connection between one another is important because one needs to know what one is planning on doing and how one would do it. However, I believe that the very first and progressive step is learning how to do the action with oneself; practicing the method of recycling by myself, wherever I go would be beneficial for the city of Philadelphia.

I believe in starting the recycling process at home. I believe in doing it at church; reminding the members how significant that is for the community. I believe in continually reminding my relatives at home not to forget to separate the cans from the bottles, and not to throw them in the trash can. I believe in practicing it at my school reminding my friends to pay attention to trash can, specially the one with special notes on recycling. I believe in advising them not to just throw trash away without paying close attention. I believe in reminding myself constantly not to throw materials I don’t want in the streets, but always look for the proper garbage to drop unneeded items. I believe in making the difference on my own even if other doesn’t.