Being The Class Clown

aleixs - Phila, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

In high school I always got into trouble for being the class clown. I can remember the countless phone calls my mother received with teachers complaining about my extreme silliness. Everyone thought this was just a phase that would end when I got to college, but it didn’t!

I believe that being the class clown is a privileged position that only few have and even fewer do well.

The job of being a class clown is very difficult to succeed at. For example, you cant just be a class clown at the end of the year you have to start the first day and be consistent, other wise people will just think you are weird. You must be strategic in what you say, how you say it and whom you are referring to. For example, it was my senior year of high school; I was in AP English. My teacher kept rambling about stupid literary criticism vocabulary words. I sat in the back of the class alone because my teacher said I disturb other students. So lonely I sat in the back wanting to desperately stand up and shout something really absurd, however, I did that last week so it would just be old. So I started barking like a dog. Every time my teacher said the words the or I, I would bark.

“The (Woof!) First word is alliteration I (Woof!) want you to remember these words”. My noises were low, but loud enough for my classmates to hear. While she was speaking everyone was trying to laugh quietly but then they couldn’t control themselves anymore, the whole room busted into loud uncontrolled laughter, while I sat in the back quite as if nothing had happened. I kept this going the whole period until she made the class stay after school for a detention.

This was one of my many times where I was the reason for class detentions. My teachers most times became annoyed but mostly because they themselves could not stop laughing at me. Many people tried to imitate me, but they were unsuccessful. I have mastered the art of “Class-Clownism”! Some have tried but they were disrespectful, and just plain mean. The purpose is not to be disrespectful of to hurt anyone’s feelings, rather to make the time go faster, make people luagh and get you closer with your teacher because when the year is over all will laugh about these moments.

In conclusion, if you want to be a class clown like me try these few things, however be warned they might get you kicked out of class or even suspended but in the end its worth it. Try to do really random things while keeping a straight face. Act like everything is normal Make funny sounds and use funny accents or yell Fart! When the class is extremely silent. These tips will help you to become like me, the professional class clown!