Dave - slc, Utah
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

This I believe

I believe that Family is the most important thing in the whole world. I am only a young man of 24 and like most kids my age I fell in love with a beautiful girl. We dated for 3 years and I was thinking about asking her to be my wife, and I just found out she would have said yes. Unfortunately life has funny way of changing one’s perspective and I decided that we were not the best for each other although we loved each other very passionately and still do, we just were not right for each other and we both knew it. One year ago I decided to break up with Martine and my whole world came crashing down I lost friends I lost my cats some other possessions but most importantly I lost Martine. I never understood the power of love until three weeks after we broke up and by then it was too late. I was absolutely devastated I couldn’t sleep couldn’t eat could do nothing at all but think about her. I moved back home to Houston where all my friends had their ladies and it drove me mad. I couldn’t stay their so I moved up to Montana where my family was my two sisters and my parents, and they were their for me, they consoled me, listened to me cry and helped me get through the most difficult time in my life. I had never felt such emotion of loss and anger before in my whole life and it was my sisters that in a way saved me from utter depression. My family has always been there for me they have always stood by my side. My brother would come and drag me out of my apartment and would take me hiking, boarding, playing football, and all the things we loved to do together. He sacrificed his free time so that he could help me through a time that I though I would never get through. My mom consoled me she listened while I cried and boar my soul to her and my dad was always there with advice on how to deal with life. My point is that my family has always been there for me, this has just been one example and I guess I’m lucky that way to have a family that loves and supports me even if my decisions aren’t always the best ones. In my young life I have learned that it is the family unit that is the most important thing in the whole world to have people who love you and are there to help you when help is needed the most.