Roman - Salt lake city, Utah
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

I believe that people just need to relax. No, I am not some peace loving hippy, or a person that feels strongly about the war, or even someone that knows that much about politics. I am just an average nineteen year old college student who likes to have fun. However, one thing I do believe is that people are way too stressed, and they make each other stressed out when there is nothing to stress about. Everywhere I look, and every friend I have, seems to be stressed because of something.

No, I am not saying that the world should be stress free, because I know that is impossible. Of course people who have had a hard life or certain circumstances are stressed, and that is understandable. If you are a single working mother, or don’t have money to feed your children, of course you are going to be stressed.

What I am trying to say is that being stressed is just too commonly used, every single person is stressed to some extent and uses it as an excuse. It seems like being stressed is just cool now. Kids are becoming stressed more often, and at younger ages. I think that the word stressed is just being raped right now. I have friends that are actually stressed because they do not know what pair of shoes to buy. Not to sound cliché, but there are children in other countries, and even in the U.S. that do not eat for days just because they cannot afford it.

What I am trying to say is people, especially in the U.S., do not know how good they have it. We live like kings, get what we want, and for the most part have pretty relaxed lives. So why are we all so stressed? Many people have excuses and say that they have to be, and that their job is stressful. I believe that if we all relax a little and maybe just see how good we have it, we may run into less hostile, angry and “stressed out” people. I just want to make it clear that yes, of course I am stressed once in a while, and I am not saying that everyone should be happy, and never stressed again, hell it is healthy to be stressed once in a while. What I am saying is that before getting to upset and stressed out look at other situations and figure out a way to solve yours easier without being so stressed. If you are really stressed just maybe even talk to a friend about it, it may make you feel better or your friend can maybe help you find an idea to take your stress away Just once in a while relax and have fun.