The Impact of Positive Thought

Ashley - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

As a teen I was just as confused and emotional as any other normal girl my age. I struggled to become who I am today, and it took many bad days and bad choices to get to where I am. In my teen years I often felt very saddened by the weight of the world and by the many horrible things that happen all across the face of the planet. Hearing of these terrible things inspired me to paint furiously and developed enough skill to eventually major in art if that is what I desired. As I got older, I began to hear of these types of horrible occurrences more and more frequently. This may lead you to think that I eventually went on to major in art and continue being inspired by these horrible things that happen.

I was, indeed inspired by the horrible things that happen every day, but not quite in the way that you might think. I remember one afternoon, laying in my bed with my boyfriend, having a political debate about the current U.S. occupancy in Iraq, when something in me sort of snapped. I realized that instead of focusing on all of the negative things that happen in the world, I should focus on the positive. It’s called the law of attraction. What I think about is attracted to me. So what I think about, I bring about. I began to think in a different manner entirely. I was transformed into this positive being of light, and was inspired then to major in humanities, so that I may be educated on the MANY cultures of the world, and one day travel to the most poverty stricken and desolate places on Earth to build sustainable food programs and schools for the people that live in these impoverished communities. Through positive thought I had come up with a solution for a problem that plagued my mind continuously.

I have not entirely dropped art into the dust of old dreams, but instead use my art in a positive way that uplifts the people that see it with a positive message. I am a much happier person now because I focus mostly on the positive and that allows all the negative to melt away. I am more likely to offer up solutions, rather than just dwell on issues that seem above me. I feel more capable to tackle any problem or situation that presents itself to me, and now I KNOW that I will impact other people’s lives in a positive way too, by improving their situation in life. Positive thinking has truly changed my life for the better.