Believe in Yourself

Kristine - Edison, New Jersey
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe you must believe in yourself to achieve the goals you want. Believing in yourself can be a big part in life. Everyone has some kind of a goal in life, but if one does not believe in themselves than they may not be successful. When I was younger I always wanted to play a sport in college. I believe that you must believe in yourself to achieve the goals you want because you will have confidence, want to work at your goal, and be successful.

First of all, I needed to believe in myself in order to have confidence. I started out by playing sports when I was five years old. I enjoyed playing all sports and I loved to watch them on television, so I decided that one day when I was in college I wanted to be on a sports team. At first, I thought I would never be able to be part of a college sports team. All the teams seemed to be really good and I never thought I would achieve that much in one sport. I tried playing different sports and softball was my favorite. I started practicing and playing on many different teams so I would be able to improve and become better at softball. After practicing for a while, I started to gain confidence in myself.

Next, I wanted to work towards my goal because I had confidence in myself. I enjoyed playing softball and I really wanted to play in college, so I began to work really hard at my goal. By the time I was in high school I tried out for the high school team and I played on the junior varsity team my freshman and sophomore year. At the time I was a junior, I was on the varsity team as the starting pitcher. I was happy with the way everything with softball was going. But now it was time to start contacting college coaches. I became very nervous because I didn’t know if any coach would want me to play on their team. I started losing confidence in myself because I was so nervous. I didn’t play as well when I was nervous and my heart was beating so fast, so I was afraid I would not play well for the college coaches.

Finally, I gained back my confidence and when college coaches came to see me play they were happy with the way I performed. I put in a lot of practice and played in many games to achieve my goal but it was all worth it. I never thought I would actually achieve my goal. My senior year I applied to colleges and I was accepted to a few. I decided to attend Eastern University because the softball coach had come to watch me play a few times and said he wanted me on the team. I was successful because I believed in myself and now I am playing softball in college.