Chase - Clinton, Iowa
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports, work

I believe that teamwork is the key to any good team. I believe that without teamwork a team cannot succeed. I believe that teams cannot be carried by one person. Learning to work as a team will help you throughout your high school sports career, but will also help you when you start your life on your own.

I believe that teamwork is important in all sports, but is especially important in soccer. I have played soccer since I was five, and from third grade until eighth grade I played with the same team, and by the time we were in eighth grade we were about the best there was around here. I believe we were the best there was because we played as a team and we were all very good friends. In seventh grade, we went to the Iowa Games in Ames. We won 16-0 in out first game against Humboldt, 6-1 in our second game against Harlan, and in the championship game were able to win by penalty shootout 5-3 to a Des Moines team. When I entered high school, I had to go play at a different high school because my school didn’t have a soccer program. My freshman year we were not very good, and I believe it was because we weren’t playing well as a team. Towards the end of season, our coach was getting fed up with our varsity goalkeeper, and when we lost a 2-0 lead just before halftime, coach told me that I would be the starting goalkeeper in the second half. I know he didn’t put me in because I was the best, but because he thought the other players would step up and play as a team. His plan worked and we were able to defeat them 5-2. This was also a turning point in our season. We really started to play well together and were able to finish the season strong.

My sophomore year, we had a few players who didn’t play well together, and we weren’t able to play as one unit. We ended up winning only 5 games the entire year, and I believe that most of our problem was our lack of team unity. If we could have played as one unit throughout the year I believe we would have had a chance to go to state.

For these reasons, I believe that teamwork is the most important aspect of any sports, and also almost anything you do in life.