I Believe in Donating Blood

Amber - Goose Lake, Iowa
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in giving blood, or at least trying. I love the feeling you get after donating blood knowing you could have just saved someone’s life. I know what you’re thinking, why would I want to stick a needle in my skin, for a reason that doesn’t benefit me? I thought the same thing until our school held a blood drive. My friends and family kept telling me it would be a good thing to do, so I did it. While giving blood, the nurse explained to me how much she appreciated the fact that I was actually participating. She said, every bit of blood they receive is a life saver for people around the world. I realized I could even be saving my own life someday.

You may not by physically able to give blood, but that shouldn’t stop you from helping. I know some people are pregnant, such as Jessica Alba, or have diseases, travel, or have low iron levels. I had low iron last time I tried to donate my blood. I asked the nurses what foods I could eat and what liquids I could drink in order to raise my iron level. I donated food and drinks for donors to snack on. I also helped set up for the blood drive, and helped clean up as the blood drive ended. I am currently taking iron pills so the next time I try to give blood I will actually be able to save a life. All of this helps, but it is not important, the most important thing is the feeling you get.

My grandmother had to have a few pints of blood pumped into her when she was struggling through her last days at the hospital. I feel my blood may have helped her fight at least some of the pain she was going through or maybe even have helped save Lance Armstrong.

I can’t help the war, feed the starving, end homelessness, or anything else to that extent, but I can donate blood. I believe in overcoming your fears of needles, seeing blood, and nurses, in order to donate blood to save lives. It helps to have a friend accompany you while donating, if you are afraid, they are there to talk to you and to keep your mind off of what you are doing. My friends and I are planning on making it a girls’ day and going together to donate blood then shopping or out to eat.

I strongly believe in giving blood as often as possible in your busy schedule. I plan to get on a regular schedule to donate blood as often as possible, once I graduate and no longer have practices or games everyday. I plan on saving as many lives as possible, maybe even my own. I believe in donating blood. I believe in saving lives. I believe in overcoming fears for the good of others; I know I did, and you can too.