Society’s view of non-heterosexual people

Farhang - Geneva, New York
Entered on April 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Before hearing the speak out about gay or lesbian people last week from one of my friends , I was extremely ignorant about a lot of things. I never truly understood how hard it was for people who were gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender. I never truly understood the difficulties and the hardships they went through. By first hearing the different definitions of the terms my friend used my understanding of the topic really skyrocketed. I learned that ones biological sex along with his/her gender identity and gender roles can cause extreme difficulties in ones life. If someone is born a male, anatomically, but identifies as a female, she can have a lot of troubles fitting into our heterosexist society. Our society is like a horse, having blinders on the side of both eyes so all you can see is straight. If we don’t open our eyes and understand that everybody has differences in life, then there would be nothing interesting. What I find funny in a strange way is that we live in a society where in the military you can be commended for killing two men but condemned for loving one. How does that make sense? The world is screwed up and backwards.

Would anyone choose to be gay knowing the repercussions of being gay? Society condemns you and labels you as being a bad person. I look at gay people as being differently now. I never judge someone who is born black, Hispanic, Asian, female, male, or anything else, so there is no way I can judge someone on being gay.

Our society in general thinks people who are gay are sinners. But people have to stop hiding behind the bible or any other sort of scripture and using it as an excuse to be against gays. The same people that are saying that being gay is a sin, sin themselves. Society almost accepts cheating on your husband or wife and they are against two people who statistically are more faithful than heterosexuals. My point is that in our society who does not understand gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender problems should take those blinders off and be more open-minded.